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Block Watch Coordinator's Update Nov 11th

Good day, Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains & Participants!

With winter approaching, are you preparing to get away for a vacation? Will business or family obligations take you out of the country for an extended period? A residential break-in reported this week highlighted the need to ensure your home is adequately secured & regularly checked when you are away.

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A residential break-in was reported this week in the 2300 Block of Jefferson Avenue. Suspects smashed through a ground level glass door and thoroughly ransacked the entire home. Owners were out of the country at the time. If valuables will remain in your home while you’re away, we encourage you to ensure your home alarm is properly functioning & set before you go. Arrange for a neighbour, family member or friend to regularly check your home, & to clear any mail or other delivery items that can accumulate, potentially tipping off thieves checking an area that the home is unoccupied.

Another break-in this week highlights the need to ensure vehicles are secured. Thieves getting into an unsecured vehicle in a driveway in the 1000 Block of Braeside St, got hold of a garage door opener, entered the home’s garage & stole approximately $5000 worth of sports equipment. Meantime, an unlocked vehicle with keys inside in the 1000 block of Jefferson resulted in theft of the vehicle along with a wallet and bank cards. The vehicle was recovered in Vancouver.

Some good news in regard to stolen automobiles this week, Officers conducting a Counter Attack Road Check on Lions Gate Bridge just before 4:00am November 7th, identified & arrested a male for allegedly ‘Driving While Prohibited’ charge, and in the course of the arrest confirmed the vehicle he was in had been freshly stolen from near Capilano Road in North Vancouver.

Unfortunately, unlocked vehicles contributed to additional Theft from Auto reports this week. Please ensure your vehicles are locked & secure when unattended for any period of time. Avoid leaving valuables in an unattended vehicle whenever possible, whether it’s locked or not. Window glass is easily broken through by offenders, especially if they are motivated by valuable items visible in the vehicle.

Alert neighbours are an especially valuable crime prevention measure. If you know any friends or family members in our district who do not have an active Block Watch in their neighbourhood, please don’t hesitate to share my contact information with them and we’ll help get them started.

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Wishing you and your loved ones safety every day.

Jeff Palmer

Block Watch & Operational Support Coordinator

West Vancouver Police Department | Serving with Honour

t: 604-925-7363 | c: 604-785-2446 westvancouverblockwatch.com

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