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Coordinator's Update

Good Day Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains & Participants,

West Vancouver Police have responded to 275 calls for service since our last Update.

Check For Updated Crime Alerts

Residential B&E

The value of timely information quickly relayed to police was clearly demonstrated in a residential break-in during the past week. An alert resident walking in the Westmount area noticed two men hurry to a parked van before driving away. Hearing a home alarm sounding, 9-1-1 was immediately called.

Detailed information from the caller played a vital role in helping WVPD officers locate the suspect vehicle and safely arrest two men with assistance from North Vancouver RCMP & VPD.

Investigators subsequently found the home alarm had been triggered by an attempt to break into through a 2nd floor window at the targeted home. An investigation is ongoing.

Please note two key factors in this circumstance, a working alarm system with intrusion sensors on a 2nd floor entry point, and an alert witness relaying information quickly while staying safe. Our officers stay ready to respond at all hours & are grateful when measures & actions we often recommend prevent losses and help bring suspects safely into custody.

Protect your home by assessing whether your alarm system covers any potentially accessible doors or windows. Ladders or any other items that could be used to climb to a vulnerable entry point should be stored indoors or secured outside so they cannot be moved to help offenders. Remember trees or other landscaping features close to your home can serve as ‘natural ladders’. We urge all to regularly review security provisions at home or work.

Thank you for being alert to suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. Call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Call 604-925-7300 for a non-emergency response.

March is Fraud Prevention Month

Common scams surfaced in reported fraud attempts this week including ‘The Grandparent Scam’ and ‘The Microsoft Repair Scam’. Fortunately, intended victims recognized scams were in progress in time to prevent losses. Learn about Fraud to protect yourself and any elderly or vulnerable persons you may help care for. We encourage you to read & freely share the attached ‘The Little Black Book of Scams’ or Click Here For More Information On Protecting Yourself From Fraud.

Little Black Book of Scams 2nd Ed
Download PDF • 4.31MB

Chief’s Quarterly Block Watch Newsletter

Chief John Lo’s West Vancouver Block Watch Quarterly Newsletter is available on our website. Get updates on new Patrol Team & Community Outreach Initiatives. Available in English, Mandarin & Farsi. Click Here To View Quarterly Reports At

Jeff Palmer

Block Watch & Operational Support Coordinator

t: 604-925-7363 | c: 604-785-2446

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