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Coordinator's Update

Good Day Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains & Participants,

West Vancouver Police have responded to 307 calls for service since our last update.

Check For Updated Crime Alerts

Residential Break-ins

Unfortunately, residential break-ins make a return to the Crime Alerts bulletin this week. A rear entry door was smashed on a Westhill area home, triggering an intrusion alarm. Responding officers were on scene within minutes, however suspects had fled. An unlocked residential safe, primary (master) bedroom & closet were targeted by suspects.

In Dundarave, a homeowner heard noises from the yard during the afternoon, then saw an unknown male at the side of the house. The male left immediately on discovering they’d been noticed. A ground level window was found to have been pried & damaged, but with no entry gained.

Meantime, a suspect had ready access into an unsecured Ambleside apartment parkade and was then able to force open a storage locker, stealing personal accessories and a bicycle. Please be alert. Review how you secure your property & valuables. Report any suspicious circumstances or persons in your neighbourhood.

Thefts from Auto

Please avoid leaving valuables in unattended vehicles. Theft from Auto offences in this week’s alerts included an unlocked vehicle in an unsecured Cedardale area garage, an unlocked vehicle in open, multi-unit residential parking near Lions Gate Bridge, a locked utility vehicle with a fabric cargo cover in commercial parking near Taylor Way & Marine Drive, and an electric vehicle charging cord stolen from an open carport in the Upper British Properties.

Hot Temperatures Arriving

The forecast continues to indicate daytime temperatures rising into the mid to high 20’s as we head into the weekend. We again encourage all residents to be mindful about leaving any doors or windows open for ventilation. Even if you’re only going out for a short time secure doors along with any ground accessible windows. It only takes a couple of minutes for criminals to take advantage of an unsecured entry point and make off with your valuables.

Ensure any home entry point being left unattended for any amount of time is either closed & locked or has a secure secondary lock to allow the air to circulate while keeping your family & home better secured.

If you see suspicious activity or persons in your neighbourhood, please don’t hesitate to contact West Vancouver Police. Call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Call 604-925-7300 for a non-emergency response.

Jeff Palmer

Block Watch & Operational Support Coordinator

t: 604-925-7363 | c: 604-785-2446

And because Granddaughter Peyton turned 5 months old this week.

(Fact Check - Grampa shares photos on any day of the week ending in the letter ‘y’ 😊)

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