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Coordinator's Update - April 20

Good Day Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains & Participants,

West Vancouver Police have responded to 272 calls for service since our last update.

Check For Updated Crime Alerts

Residential Construction Site - B&E

Home security needs to remain a priority, even when a residence is undergoing renovation or reconstruction. Thieves used on-site scaffolding to climb to an unsecured point on a residential construction site in the Westhill area this past week. Kitchen equipment & supplies were stolen. If your construction site & structure need to be left open or unsecured during a particular stage of a project, consider on-site security, or scheduling delivery of high value appliances, furniture, or fixtures for a time after the premise is secured and alarms are re-activated.

Incident Aboard WV Transit

The value of promptly calling police when something hazardous or suspicious is happening was highlighted in an incident onboard a transit bus last week. Police were alerted and responded immediately to a resident reporting a family member in a rapidly progressing mental health crisis. Within minutes, additional reports were received of a male approaching & yelling at people on the street. As officers searched, new calls reported a physical struggle between an agitated man & other passengers on a bus. Passengers gained control of the male and held him until police arrived minutes later. The man in crisis was safely apprehended for assessment under the Mental Health Act & taken to hospital. Notwithstanding early accounts of this matter, the apprehended male suffered cuts & abrasions that did not require emergency medical attention. No other persons involved reported any injury. As unsettling & frightening as circumstances like this can be, multiple calls updating the whereabouts of a person in crisis helped officers arrive quickly, safely apprehend an individual for much needed medical assessment & restore safety at the earliest opportunity.


With media & police reports indicating suspected use of artificial intelligence driven voice generators in the long running ‘Grandparent Scam’, we urge residents to be aware of this reported new scam tactic. Police reports across several provinces detail people believing they heard their family members voice on a call from scammers posing as police. The scammers falsely claim the family member is in legal trouble & needing cash for bail or compensation to a victim. If you receive such a call, please understand that police will not contact you by phone to seek money like this and will not urge you to package cash & send it to a random address. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately. Call police for assistance, especially if the scammers persist in calling.

Meantime, two West Vancouver residents reacted quickly this week upon recognizing other scam attempts were in progress & limited losses. An Ambleside resident checking their online account with a major retailer noticed a $1000 merchandise order for delivery out of province. An immediate call to the retailer and police led to the order being halted in progress with no financial loss.

A Horseshoe Bay area resident clicked on link in email purporting to be from package delivery company tracking a delivery. Soon after the resident noted two unauthorized transfers from personal accounts. Police and their personal bank were immediately contacted. One of two unauthorized transfers was halted. Accounts were secured to prevent further losses.

Click Here For More Information On Protecting Yourself From Fraud.

Meet With WVPD Officers & Your Block Watch Coordinator

We are looking forward to coffee & a meeting with Block Captains & participants in the Clovelly Walk area next week! As Block Captains & Co-Captains, we encourage you to meet either virtually, or in person with members of your Watch group at least once a year, to renew acquaintances, ensure contact information is up to date, and take the opportunity to welcome new arrivals to your neighbourhood to your Block Watch. Formality is not required. We’re happy to visit in person, but equally happy to touch base via MS Teams if that suits your needs better. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to see what can be scheduled.

If you see suspicious activity or persons in your neighbourhood, please don’t hesitate to contact West Vancouver Police. Thank you for being alert. Call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Call 604-925-7300 for a non-emergency response.

Jeff Palmer

Block Watch & Operational Support Coordinator

t: 604-925-7363 | c: 604-785-2446

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