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  • Jeff Palmer

Coordinator Update Dec 12th

Good Morning Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains & Participants,

There is some news to catch you up on as we head into the heart of the holiday season.

I have been away from the office for two weeks due to an urgent medical circumstance.

Thanks to timely & effective responses by my family physician along with the excellent medical & nursing staff at Lions Gate, I am recovering well, and able to be back at the office this week on a graduated return to work.

I’m sorry we were unable to issue Crime Alerts & the Coordinators Update in my absence. Both will resume this week and I will work my way through accumulated correspondence as soon as I’m able.

And in the category of best news,….please say hello to Peyton Marie.(photographed below as she squeezed Grampa’s thumb for the very first time) Peyton arrived in excellent health early last Thursday morning and is safely home with my daughter & son-in-law. Baby, Mom & Dad are all well.

Wishing you & yours the very best for a safe & happy holiday season. We’ll be in touch.


Jeff Palmer

Block Watch & Operational Support Coordinator

West Vancouver Police Department | Serving with Honour

t: 604-925-7363 | c: 604-785-2446

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