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Hello Block Watch West Vancouver!

Because we are still in March and March is Fraud Prevention month, we thought we would send out an important message regarding COVID fraud tendencies that may come to light. We have yet to see a big trend in these scams at WVPD, however, we thought it imperative to remind you of scams as the fraudsters are out there.

As you may have heard, the federal government has the intention to provide quite a lot of funding for a variety of programs including income support. Consequently, fraudsters are taking advantage of this news and preying on the fears, rumours and uncertainty among the population at this time.

Please be weary and vigilant of false or misleading claims. Be alert for scammers posing as:

  • People trying to raise funds for charities

  • Public health officials

  • Red cross

  • WHO – World Health Organizations

  • Posing as employees of cleaning companies

  • Too-good to be true anything and miracle cures

The tools they use are text messages, phone calls, emails and door-to-door. Please either just hang up and do not engage in the activity. Also, if you see any emails directing you to a form or website to apply for income support, it is a scam, and you should delete it without hesitation, regardless of how official it looks. Alternately, visit the website of the company behind said source and do some research, just do not go through the links provided in the email.

In addition to note, and most importantly, official organizations such as government agencies in particular, DO NOT make unsolicited calls, emails or texts asking for money or personal information. Be most weary of these.

There are many other COVID scams out there as well, but I thought the “get your free money here” approach might be the most enticing, and so warranted an advisory. As always, if you don’t know and trust the sender of any email, don’t click.

If you suspect fraud, call WVPD non-emergency at 604-925-7300. If the situation is urgent call


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