• Alejandra Johnson

New "Crime Alert" Format

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Happy 2019 and welcome to our new way of presenting the West Vancouver - Block Watch Crime Alerts!

We opted for a new format for 2019 for many reasons but most importantly because we wanted to get you the information in a timely fashion. We also wanted the most efficient way to fan out information to everyone in our community, however, we were often sending emails that were no longer in service. Therefore, introducing the Block Watch website would solve our biggest issues: 1) sending information out in a timely manner and 2) ...we thought this would be the best way to go about our 2 concerns - a new easy-to-navigate site made just for you - our West Vancouver Block Watchers.

With this new format, you have full control over the amount of information you receive from us, in other words, we won't be cluttering your inbox with Crime Alerts you may not particularly want to read. Now, you can read as many or as little Crime Alerts as you'd like. We will post Crime Alerts every Monday and every Friday.

As an added bonus, the neighbours on your block have this information at their fingertips as well. If there is a very important Crime Alert you wish your neighbours to take note of, you can still email your list and direct their attention to the correct post.

We hope you enjoy this new format. It will be trial and error for all of us as we update our ways but please feel free to let us know what is working and what isn't.

Have a wonderful and safe new start to the year and hope that you had a lovely holiday season.


Your Block Watch Coordinators

Anne Russell & Alejandra Johnson

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