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Crime Alerts Feb 24 - Mar 2

Updated: Mar 2

Calls For Police Service In West Vancouver Since Last Alerts 285


B&E Residential – Upper Dundarave

● Forced entry through 2nd floor bedroom door

● Suspects stacked patio furniture to climb up

● Rooms & personal safe on upper floors targeted

B&E Residential (Construction Site ) - Sentinel Hill

● Entry to unsecured construction site

● Construction tools & building supplies stolen

B&E Residential – Sentinel Hill

● Entry through ground level door with malfunctioning deadbolt

● Laptop & cash stolen.

B&E Residential – Central British Properties

● Forced entry to garage only

● Storage items targeted


Theft from Auto - Dundarave

● Theft of catalytic converter

Theft from Auto - Horseshoe Bay

● Theft of Catalytic Converter

Theft of Bicycle - Ambleside Business District

● Bicycle stolen from Apartment Building bike storage shed


Mischief - Dundarave Business District

● External lock box at business broken, keys to business stolen

● No entry gained. Locks changed

Mischief to Auto - Memorial Park / Marine Drive

● Rear window smashed on vehicle in multi-unit residential parking

Mischief to Auto - Taylor Way / Marine Drive

● Front passenger side fender of parked vehicle hit & dented

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