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Crime Alerts - July 07-13

Updated: Jul 13

Calls For Police Service In West Vancouver Since Last Alerts – 381


BNE - Lions Gate Bridge Area

● Break-in at residence during overnight hours through unsecured doors ● Numerous jewelry items stolen

BNE - Seasonal Residence - Cypress Mountain

● Break-in at seasonal cabin. Confirmation of any items stolen pending

BNE - Seasonal Residence - Cypress Mountain

● Suspects used ladder on site to access 2nd floor window for entry

● Dog in residence. Suspects left with nothing stolen

BNE - Seasonal Residence - Cypress Mountain

Suspects broke through 2nd floor window

● Food & Camping suppies stolen

BNE(Storage Area) - Lions Gate Bridge Area

● Forced entry to storage lockers of multi-unit residential complex

● 3 Bicycles stolen


Theft of Mail - Eyremount Area

● Discovered in review of home surveillance video. Investigation ongoing

Theft - Horseshoe Bay

● Shoulder bag, wallet & cash stolen from unlocked vehicle in ferry terminal parking area

Theft - Lions Gate Bridge Area

● Theft of gardening supplies & ornaments from unsecured shed

Theft of Bicycle - Ambleside

● Bicycle stolen from rear yard of residence


Mischief - Ambleside Park

● Graffiti reported in progress at park area building

● Youth suspects apprehended in area. Spray paint & can of bear spray seized

Mischief - Altamont Area

● Mailbox on residence pried open. Unknown if any mail items stolen

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