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Crime Alerts - June 9-15

Updated: Jun 19

Calls For Police Service In West Vancouver Since Last Alerts – 283


BNE Residential - Cypress Mountain

● Break-in at seasonal residence & storage shed

● Generator, chainsaws, yard equipment & fuel stolen

BNE Residential (Garage) - Stevens Drive Area

● Suspect entered open garage on residential construction site

● Storage items inside stolen.

BNE Residential (Garage) - Ambleside

● Suspect entered unsecured garage

● Bicycle, cleaning equipment, power tools & pet supplies stolen


Theft (Laptop) - WV Memorial Library

● Laptop left unattended on table stolen

Theft (Construction Site - Fuel) - Rodgers Creek Area

● Fuel stolen from storage tank on construction site

Theft - Ambleside Fields

● Equipment stolen from team storage area

Theft - Dundarave

● Late report. Theft of front license plate from vehicle


Mischief - Ambleside

● Tires on parked vehicle punctured


Fraud (Grandparent Scam) - Ambleside

● Victim called by suspect asking "Is this Grandma?" Victim has no grandchildren but then tried to be helpful and asked if it was a niece's husband calling

● Suspect said yes, and claimed he needed bail money. Unfortunately, victim complied & withdrew funds from bank

● Suspect claiming to be the nephew-in-law's lawyer attended attended residence and took cash

Attempted Fraud (Grandparent Scam) - Caulfeild

● Call received from male claiming to be resident's grandson seeking bail money. ● Intended victim initially complied then told caller they would meet at the police station for the transaction. Suspect terminated call

Fraud - Taylor Way / Marine Dr

● Wallet lost while shopping. Unauthorized charges made before victim had cancelled cards

Fraud (Theft of Mail) - Horseshoe Bay

● Resident noted unauthorized charges on credit card

● Victim determined replacement credit card ordered & not yet received had been stolen from mail & activated.

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