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Crime Alerts Nov 25 - Dec 15

Updated: 1 day ago

West Vancouver Calls For Police Service Since Last Alert – 750


B&E Residential – 100 block Khatsilano Rd

● Vehicle left unlocked on road in front of residence

● Garage door opener from vehicle used to access garage

● Air pods stolen

B&E Residential (Attempt) - 2300 Block Lawson Ave

● Intrusion alarm triggered at home under construction

● Upon police attendance rear door found partially pried.

● No entry gained. No property stolen.

B&E Residential – 2600 Block Bellevue Ave

● Suspects forced entry through kitchen window

● High value handbags & watches stolen

B&E Residential – 1500 Block Queens Ave

● Window in front door broken to gain entry

● Several areas of home rummaged

B&E Residential – 2300 Block Lawson Ave

● Entry doors pried at home under construction

● No indication of any items stolen

B&E Residential – 1700 Block Queens Ave

● Owner alerted via residential camera system to suspect breaking into to home

● Delayed report to police, suspect had fled by officer’s attendance

● No items noted missing, no items of value stored at residence

B&E Residential – 1600 Block 19th St

● Glass patio door at rear of home broken through

● Multiple rooms rummaged through. Jewelry & other personal items stolen


B&E (Work Shed) – 500 Block 13th St

● Occurred between Dec 10th 4:00p & Dec 11th 4:00p

● Suspects forced entry to work shed area in parkade of multi-unit complex

B&E (Parkade) – 1300 Block Clyde Ave

● Suspect or suspects pried open office in parkade area of multi unit complex

● Electric scooter & related equipment stolen


Theft From Auto – 3500 Block Mathers Ave

● Vehicle entered. Insurance documents, & personal items stolen.

Theft from Auto - 2000 Block Mathers Pl

● Vehicle entered through unlocked door

● Wallet, Bank & ID cards, and personal items stolen

Theft from Auto - 1700 Block Inglewood Ave

● Wallet & keys stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway

● Investigation ongoing into subsequent fraudulent purchases with stolen cards

Theft from Auto - 900 Block Marine Dr

● Vehicle window smashed in residential parkade

● Snowboard & backpack stolen

Theft from Auto - 1000 Block Keith Rd

● Sunglasses & other personal items stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway


Theft of Bicycles – 1300 Block Clyde Ave

● Two bicycles stolen from underground storage unit

Theft of Snowboard – 5500 Block Cypress Bowl Rd

● Snowboard reported stolen from Guest Services area


Fraud – 2200 Block Bellevue Ave

● Victim responded to online message that a virus was detected on her computer

● Suspect persuaded victim to pay via Bitcoin transfer for removal of virus before victim realized they had been scammed

Fraud – 300 Block Taylor Way

● Victim contacted via telephone by suspect promoting purchase of Apple gift cards

● Victim obtained gift cards and was then persuaded to provide the suspect information from the cards


B&E – Break and Enter TOA – Theft of Auto TFA – Theft from Auto

POE - Point of Entry TOB – Theft of Bicycle POE – Point of Entry

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