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Crime Alerts October 21-27

Updated: Nov 9

Calls For Police Service Since Last Alerts Bulletin – 252


File #22-12879 - B&E Residential – 2100 Block Rosebery Ave

● Occurred approximately 01:45a Oct 27th

● Male detected on CCTV inside home under construction

● Suspect fled prior to police arrival. K9 track negative

● Suspected Point of Entry (POE), unsecured basement patio door

File #22-12850 - B&E Residential - 1400 Block Kings Ave

● Occurred between Oct 24th & Oct 26th

● Rear door forced

● Personal computer stolen

File #22-12834 - B&E Residential - 2300 Block Palmerston Ave

● Occurred approximately 01:39a Oct 26th

● Door pried open on residence currently under construction

● Loss still under investigation.

File #22-12811 - B&E Residential – 2200 Block Haywood Ave

● Occurred approximately 02:00a to 03:30a October 25th

● Entry by forcing open locked patio door of home under construction

● Home electronics stolen. Value estimated $35,000

File #22-12766 - B&E Residential - 2300 Block Palmerston Ave

● Occurred between 2:00p Oct 12th and 11:00a Oct 23rd

● Doors pried open on residence currently under construction

● $15,000 to $20,000 loss

File #22-12739 - B&E Residential - 2600 Block Mathers Ave

● Occurred between 03:00a - 06:00a Oct 23

● Front door dead bolt pried open

● Approximately $60,000 worth of electronics stolen.

File #22-12731 B&E Other Structure - 2600 Block Mathers Ave

● Occurred between 02:00a – 06:00a Oct 22

● Garage door deadbolt pried, recently delivered appliances stolen

●Approximate value $20,000

File #22-12693 B&E Residential - 5500 Block Cypress Bowl Rd

● Break-in to unoccupied cabin in Hollyburn Ridge area

●Occurred at unknown time in 2 weeks prior to Oct 22

●Entry through smashed window & shutter

●Food & other personal items stolen


File #22-12858 - Theft from Auto - 6700 Block Horseshoe Bay Dr

●Occurred between Oct 15th and Oct 26th

●Black North Shore brand bike rack stolen off vehicle

●Locking pin cut

File #22-12856 – Attempt Theft from Auto – 4200 Block Rockridge Pl

●Occurred approximately 04:00a Oct 26th

●Unlocked vehicles rummaged through

●Nothing stolen

File #22-12842 - Theft from Auto - 4200 Block Rockridge Rd

●Occurred overnight from Oct 25th to Oct 26th

●Rear windows smashed in each of two vehicles parked in driveway

●Purse & sunglasses stolen

●Items recovered during a Breach of Conditions arrest of male checked in the area.

File #22-12839 – Mischief – Attempt Theft from Auto – 4400 Block Picadilly North

●Officer conducting patrols found an unsecured vehicle

●Owner contacted & confirmed vehicle was left unlocked and had been rummaged through

●No items stolen. No damage


#22-12749 – Stolen Bicycle Recovered – 900 Block Main St.

● Occurred Oct 23rd 7:45p

● Cyclist checked in relation to observed traffic offences

● Subsequent check via 529 Garage app determined bicycle was stolen from N. Van.

● Value $1200. Returned to rightful owner.

#22-12692 – Theft of Bicycle – 2000 Block Park Royal Rd. S.

● Occurred Oct 22nd at 1:35p

● Bicycle stolen after being briefly left unattended & unlocked outside at shopping mall

● Value approximately $1000


#22-12652 – Fraud – Attempted - 2900 Block Marine Dr

● Resident browsing internet Oct 21st clicked on photo link and saw false alert about spyware on computer, urging call to phone number for assistance

● Resident called number & was told to send cheques to US post box

● Resident recognized circumstance as fraud. Hung up. Called Police. No money lost.

#22-12610 – Fraud – Attempted - 2900 Block Marine Dr

● Occurred late afternoon Oct 20th

● Elderly resident received phone call from suspect claiming to be a lawyer seeking bail for the resident’s grandson

● Visiting family member recognized circumstance as a scam

● Call ended. Police called. No money lost


B&E – Break and Enter TOA – Theft of Auto TFA – Theft from Auto

POE - Point of Entry TOB – Theft of Bicycle POE – Point of Entry

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