• Alejandra Johnson

Fraud Awareness Month

COVID-19 scams based around vaccines and government financial aid are cropping up. Be wary of any unsolicited phones calls or emails related to accessing government financial support, expenses related to vaccines, personal information disclosure related to vaccines, or vaccine related malware installation. For more info visit:


CRA scams: It is tax season again. CRA scams tend to involve a caller impersonating the CRA or a law enforcement agency, pressuring you to act fast. Slow down and assess the situation! The CRA will never pressure you to act fast, wire money, or transfer money by other means. If unsure, hang up and call CRA directly (for more CRA scam tips :


Remember that scammers make a living by tricking you. They are good at exploiting your fears, making you act quickly. Slow down, ask questions, and never feel like you have to make a decision straight away.

If you have been a victim of fraud please call our non-emergency number at 604-925-7300.

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